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Through our brief history and across every continent, we have made lanterns and lit luminaries to banish the shadows, celebrate our holy days, and brighten the darkest of nights. Lantern parade is a powerful vehicle to galvanize people to create, play, and socialize together in a truly unique interface between art and community. Parades start traditions, build beautiful memories, and engage creativity, collaboration, and celebration at their core.

A line of illuminated pyramid lanterns walk in a parade on a dark night. The parade is led by a group of drummers

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Gowri (a brown-skinned woman with brown hair tied back in a low pony tail) wears a purple t-shirt and denim apron, and demonstrates how to paper a willow-framed spherical lantern

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A group of musicians parade through the streets surrounded by brightly colored banners and flags

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An illuminated clipper ship lantern stands against a dark blue sky that filled with twinkling sting lights

This year’s lantern season is drawing to a close, but we’ve got some fun stuff coming up! Just finalizing the details…please check back soon.

Lantern season 2024

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A line of illuminated lanterns stretches from left to right and the glow of a bonfire emerges from its center.
A lantern parade moves down the street towards the viewer. People hold alien, globe, and fish shaped lanterns
“Standing on Main Street, watching the parade pass by, I was struck by the incredible power of art and community, and how joyful all of us were on [this] special night. For a short time, we put aside our fears and fatigue and reveled in an expression of togetherness, art, and light. This event exemplifies the power of art in evoking the strength of the human spirit.”
Rep. Tom Stevens, Waterbury VT