Thank you so much for bringing your lantern-making artistry to Cary and sharing it with those of us fortunate enough to have participated in one of your classes. Your step-by-step instructions were clear and simple, and your assurance that imperfections were okay made the experience fun and relaxing. You even gave us tips about materials we might find in our own yards if we want to try making lanterns at home – a thoughtful bonus! I can’t wait to join you in the Lantern Parade in January!
Marla Dorrel. Workshop participant. Cary, NC.

You [women] are an example to all of us. You teach us to give of our time, to value the arts, to create experiences for our children, and to persevere until you get permission to march! I deeply appreciate all of the time and effort that went into this—I know it was many many hours and a good deal of stress. It was worth it! I’m literally tearing up writing this email.The parade was magical and beautiful. Creating the lantern was magical—and a skill I know have! I feel so lucky to live here.
Corinne Chronopoulos, Library Director, Peterborough Town Library

Gowri Savoor brought our community together as never before! The whole school was brimming with joy and excitement during her ten-day lantern making residency. The students loved working with Gowri and they thrilled in the process of making lanterns with sustainable materials. The students were tremendously proud of their artwork and they were truly inspired to work together towards a shared creative purpose.

The lantern parade was a magical evening enjoyed by all! It was beautiful to see hundreds of children carrying their handmade lanterns through the snowy streets of Montpelier. An estimated 1,000 people turned out for the event, including our mayor, school board members, local elected and state officials. One parent called it “A wild success!” Another parent wrote,” The wonderful festival atmosphere created with the drumming, lanterns and amazing hula hooping fire dancer made it a night to remember.”
Photo by Sarah Audsley

Gowri worked with our entire district of nine schools, 3,000 students and community members to create the most magical evening on the coldest night of the year! Together, we celebrated the unification of two towns and their school districts through art and the magic of light! Gowri helped to create A Stream of Light, an historical event for our community. People are still reminiscing fondly about it today.

So many parents are gushing over the lantern parade. What a beautiful sight with children proud of their creations and installing a sense of community. It seemed like the perfect residency.