Latest project: Under the Silver Moon, Cary, NC.

Now confirmed for 2025! Workshop program and parade details to follow.

A collection of lanterns are crossing a bridge and are illuminated against a night sky. Some are shaped like towers, globes, planets, and a giant fish, and all are brightly colored.
A performer spinning a fiery hula hoop performs in front of a crowd carrying illuminated lanterns on a dark night

A beautiful drone video by Digital P Media of our 3rd Under the Silver Moon Lantern Parade in the Downtown Cary Park, Cary, NC.

In partnership with the Town of Cary.



A woman wearing a yellow fluorecent jacket and a huge smile leads a parade with a giant lantern shaped like a school attached to a ladder on her back. Gowri stands to the left holding a large gingerbread house lantern. Other smaller lanterns fill in the spaces.
“The lantern parade was a magical evening enjoyed by all! It was beautiful to see hundreds of children carrying their handmade lanterns through the snowy streets. An estimated 1,000 people turned out for the event, including our mayor, school board members, local elected and state officials. One parent called it “A wild success!” Another person wrote,” The wonderful festival atmosphere created with the drumming, lanterns and amazing hula hooping fire dancer made it a night to remember.”
Parent and parade attendee.