Examples of Light on Water

Chocorua Lake, NH

Chocorua Lake Conservancy hosted their first community lantern parade on water on the beautiful Chocorua Lake, NH. Lanterns were purpose built during multiple community workshops for kayaks, canoes, and paddle boards, and community members took to the water as the light was fading, for an unforgettable evening on the water.

The setting sun spills light across the lake and onto a tall pyramid lantern which is attached to a canoe sitting on land.
Two people sit in a canoe on a lake at twilight with an illuminated pyramid lantern between them. The boat and people are in silhouette against a pale sunset sky.
A collection of kayaks and canoes get ready to set sail with their illuminated lanterns as the sun sets over a lake
An illuminated painted tower lantern with streamers flutters in the wind. It is connected to a stick. A kayak on the water floats past in the background.
The Confluence Lantern Paddle

The Confluence Project culminated with a magical moonlit lantern paddle at the Retreat Meadows in Brattleboro Vermont to start an annual tradition celebrating and honoring our waterways. In partnership with the Vermont Performance Lab and the CT River Conservancy, the paddle drew hundreds of paddlers who took to the serene waters to watch the dusk folding into night with friends and community members. The night air was punctuated by the glow of luminaries and lanterns that were constructed during a series of community lantern-workshops hosted by the River Gallery School. Paddle photos by Kelly Fletcher, courtesy of Vermont Performance Lab

a group of people sit at a table in a gallery and paint large sheets of vellum with watercolor paint ready to construct into lanterns
Two tall pyramid shaped lanterns dry on a table in a gallery space. They are covered with white paper and the lines of the lantern structure are visible through the paper
Luminaries line a wooden dock that leads into the river. Lights sparkle on kayaks and canoes as the sun sets in the distance at twilight. There is a sapphire blue light cast over the scene.
a man in sihouette paddles on an orange sunset lake with an emerald green globe lantern to his back.
A family of four sit in their kayaks behind large pyramid lanterns on the water.