Examples of Light Installations

A River of Light in Waterbury

The Walk of the Fireflies was created for the finale of the 7th annual River of Light lantern parade in Waterbury. Hundreds of ‘bug lights’ made from recycled cafeteria plastic waste were suspended to form a magical meandering labyrinth through which students and parade goers could wander.

A fire drawing of a butterfly
Bug lanterns in process. Recycled plastic containers from the school cafeteria are transformed into bugs with tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and plastic wings
A woman smiles as she stands against dozens of tiny bug shaped lights that hang on tree branches. A large white butterfly lantern hovers overhead.
The Wall

The Wall was built as a result of an arts-integrated residency at the Montpelier High School, in conjunction with the Community Engagement Lab. Together with teachers Katy Chabot (Biology) Sarah Squier (English) and Cathy Butterfield (History), students explored the concept of the wall in each of the core-curriculum subjects through the lens of the visual arts. This powerful and thought-provoking residency culminated in a walking installation, and later formed the stage-set for Dame Evelyn Glennie’s performance at the Barre Opera House, VT.

Two students build large cubes from paint stirrers. A wall of cube frames is in the background.
Walls of illuminated cubes covered in painted vellum tower form a walkway in a dark auditorium
A youth orchestra plays on a stage. Illuminated cubes tower in the background forming the stage set, while a man speaks into a microphone in a spotlight.