Examples of Day Parades

Lincoln Center Education

A day-parade around Lincoln Center Plaza followed a day of community-arts workshops during the Teaching Artist Summer Forum at the Lincoln Center, NYC. Teaching artists created colorful lanterns in the morning, and children and seniors attending the Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center built their luminaries in the afternoon. The parade was beautiful and joy-filled, bringing a flash of music and color to an otherwise quiet afternoon.

A group of musicians parade through the streets surrounded by brightly colored banners and flags
A group of musicians and students process through Lincoln Center Plaza with streamers, lanterns, and banners
A student paints a beautiful rainbow butterfly on a sheet of vellum with watercolors as grandma watches from her side
Students cross a street in NYC as their brightly colored lanterns with tissue paper streamers flutter in the wind
Darnhill Community Parade, Greater Manchester, UK

The communities of Darnhill gather in the streets for the annual Darnhill Festival and Carnival Parade. The parade theme was The Olympics and community groups chose to represent multiple sporting activities including hot-air ballooning, tennis, and horse racing. Children from local schools and youth groups created costumes, props and instruments; to further meet the challenge, participating groups were given only a shopping trolley to use as a parade float.

Two students dressed in tennis whites from the 1900's stand beside a shopping trolley that is dressed to look like a tennis court
Hot air balloons hover over shopping trolley draped with a cloth painted to look like fields and meadows. Students push the trolley and are dressed in red and blue t-shirts and baseball caps